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Foundation Sophia collaborates with several private and public institutions on a local, national and international level in order to spread the art and culture.


Educational Excellence prize 2007

Fundacion Sophia: "A foundation dedicated to culture and education"


Sophia has opened a dedicated space for the creative development of art and philosophy. Taking the Renaissance School of Florence as an inspiring model, Fundacion Sophia has created a meeting point for lovers of humanities, in which philosophers, poets, musicians, painters, writers and sculptors can develop and promote their work, as well as share experiences and enrich themselves. Hence, since its doors opened, Fundacion Sophia has channeled its efforts to encourage the free expression of art and thinking through its courses, conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and art recitals.


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          National Geographic en la Fundación Sophia     Ramón Llull en el Instituto Cervantes de Manchester y Londres      Exposición fotográfica "La mirada de Egipto"     Revista Cultural ::: El Mundo de Sophia   

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Fundación Sophia, for a bounderless culture

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